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Water Treatment

We specialize in “green” chemical-free water treatment. We offer ozone, reverse osmosis, media bed filtration, aeration, nano-filtration, ultra violet disinfection, electronic descaling and others.

We do not believe in a “one size fits all” system either. First the water must be tested. Then we do a lifestyle checklist with the client. Items such as how large is the house, how many plumbing fixtures, how many people, projected usages and needs are taken into consideration.

Important: What does the client want and need? We build most of our systems in-house using “Industry Standard Components”. What this means is you are not forced to do business with us. You can get service and replacement parts for what we sell and install from a variety of sources. We want people to do business with us because they want to, not have to.

Radiant Hydronic Heat

Radiant Hydronic Heat Nothing is more comfortable or efficient than Radiant Hydronic Heated Floors. Simply put, warm water flows through tubing in or below the flooring to heat not just the air, but the floor, everything coupled to the floor, walls, furniture, etc., and most importantly, the people. No ducts, no air blowing making drafts, stirring up dust and allergies. Plus, with 98% efficiency water heater equipment, it’s not only the most comfortable, but the most cost efficient. What’s that? Too late to get it in the floors? Don’t worry. We have special panels that tubing snaps into that we can install on the walls and even ceiling to add the comfort of radiant heat to your life.