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About us at Pierotte's Plumbing Inc.

Pierotte’s Plumbing, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Dennis Pierotte. It came about through necessity and desire. Necessity being the fact that I needed to eat. The desire part turned out to be just as important to me. At that point in my life, I had worked at both good and bad companies. Like most things in life, you can learn a lot from both the good and the bad.

First desire was to build a company that provided the very best client service and care along with using the highest quality materials. Another and equally important desire was to create an environment where people would enjoy coming to their job. Not everyday, of course, I do understand the difference between fantasy and reality. A place where people could learn and grow, both technically, but also personally. We strive to supply all of our people with the latest and best tools, equipment, technology and training. This enables us to give our clients the best service experience there is. We treat our clients’ homes and properties as if they were our own.

How do I know this all works? I know, because we have thousands of the most loyal repeat clients in the world who have allowed us to perform over 80,000 service calls and millions of dollars in new construction and remodel work in both residential and commercial markets in the last 27 years.

Add to the above formula my wife, Nancy, the conductor who keeps everything on track and the best technicians and support staff in any company, and that’s what makes us the Company that truly will bring you “A World of Service.”